Friday, July 8, 2011

The Rebirth

Hey guys, I know that I have been gone for awhile now.  I just came back from a month long euro adventure so have no fear, I have plenty of time to devote to blogging now.  From this day forward, X.U. Economics will be known as The Dancing Economist.  WHY?!? Well first of all, Xavier University although they slightly endorsed this work, has done nothing to contribute to it's success or survival.  Second of all, I have written nearly every post with the exception of one. Third, I like dancing and will be teaching dance at an Arthur Murray studio for a year before I pursue my PhD.  Fourth, it's catchy!
So sit back, relax and enjoy the show folks because this country has a lot going on right now. Of particular interest is the debt and the inevitable default of the United States.  In my very first blog post I was calling for a default of the U.S. in 2012 because of the inability of our nations leaders to accomplish anything. Looks like I may be more right than what I had wished for.  In the next few series of posts, I will be doing my absolute best to explain the risks the U.S. faces in the short and long term, the policy options available, and possible scenarios. Please hold on because we may experience some major turbulence!

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