Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Slight Abstraction: A Very Quick Thought On Tradeoffs

In neoclassical labor economics theory- there is a supposed tradeoff between work & leisure.  There is a comparable trade off between sex and leisure(which is less working & less cash to enjoy life).  Where work=sex, ceterus paribus.  Because work -ceterus paribus- is equivalent to status which is the set={money, power, cars, sex  & gucci}.  Therefore, status must then be the tradeoff with leisure.  Since sex is an element of status, sex is therefore traded with leisure.  Although one could make the obvious argument that sex is in the leisure set as well.  It would then be an element of the intersection of the two sets.  But that would require no tradeoff between sex and leisure, ceterus paribus & since sex is a hassle to attain i would argue it is inversely related to relaxing.  As leisure goes up elements in the status set {money, bossness, cars , hoes} are sacrificed and vice versa.  This all implies that status is not free, which in fact it isn't.  Men have long known that a way to a woman is through proper courtship.  Gifts, flowers, valentines day, wedding rings, flashy cars and numerous other things suggest that this is so.