Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Revised to be relevant and useful: TIPS and Inflation Expectations

In a previous post  I calculated expected inflation using some bond that was maturing in 2012 but we want to get a more accurate (and relevant) picture of expected inflation.  To do this we can go to the Federal Reserve and observe statistical release H.15 which are selected interest rates.  For example, 10 years from July 22nd expected inflation is:

E(p)= i - ir
Where E(p) is expected inflation,
i - nominal interest rate ( interest rate paid on nominal treasuries)
ir - real interest rate (remember the inflation index bonds are supposed to reflect these)

Looking at the statistical release if we want the 10 year inflation expectations we must look at the 10 yr bonds.  We will find that for July 22, 2010:

i (Nominal Treasury) = 2.9%
ir (Inflation indexed Treasury) = 1.78%

2.96% -1.78% = 1.18% 
E(p) = 1.18%
Therefore expected inflation for the next 10 years as of July 22nd is 1.18%

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  1. Treasiury indexed securities are indexed to inflation. But what happens if the government defaults on its debts.